Preparing for natural childbirth

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First pregnancy? Want to choose natural birth but fear keeps getting in the way? How about giving fear some reasons to stay away. After all, natural birth is the healthier delivery option. What you need is an understanding of the natural birth process, emotional & physical preparation, and most importantly the support of your family, friends & your doctor. If you have all this then you are very much prepared for a normal delivery! Why & what to understand about the birth process? ...

Baby Care Tips You Should Know

When you hold your baby for the first time you’re unable to describe the feeling. But, once you bring your little angel home, it is possible you get frantic about how to take care of your baby. Especially if you are first time parents. So, here are a few newborn care tips to help you out. The first guidance can begin from the hospital staff itself. While you are still there, you can ask the doctors and nurses for advice on what all you need to take care of when holding your baby, about breast...

5 Tips To Help You Prepare For Natural Childbirth

When you see a woman giving birth to a baby naturally, but does not show as much pain as the usual childbirth stories suggest; it doesn’t mean she is good at giving birth. It means she was well prepared for delivery. Pregnancy is not just the time where you see your baby bump grow. Your womb is not just an organ where your baby grows ; It is much more than that and if you understand what all it means then you are well prepared for natural childbirth! Here are a few tips which can help you ...